80/20 Sales and Marketing: the guide to working less and achieving more


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Price: £9.97
(as of Dec 10,2019 21:29:46 UTC – Details)

Stop "Just Getting By" … Master the 80/20 rule. Apply the Pareto Principle to the business and earn more money without having to work anymore.

If you know how to get into a situation and see the 80/20, the 80/20 principle can solve almost any conversion problem.

Any traffic problem.

Any money problem.
"Perry Marshall has something original and very useful to say because he has been thoroughly involved with the 80/20 principle, he has provided some original insights that are literally priceless and can really change your business and your life."

– Richard Koch, Bruchmilliardär and author of The 80/20 principle

"If you do not know who Perry Marshall is – unpardonable, Perry is an honest man in a field full of charlatans."

– Dan Kennedy, Author, The Ultimate Marketing Plan

If you're a sales and marketing professional, you can save 80 percent of your time and money by focusing on the right 20 percent of your market. On page 5 you apply with 80/20² and 80/20³ to win 10 times, even 100 times the success.

With the powerful 80/20 software (included with the book online), apply the Pareto Principle to:

  • Reduce time wasters (Page 117)
  • Find invisible profit centers in your company (Page 31)
  • Promote hyperreactive buyers and avoid tire kickers (Page 93)
  • Win sought-after positions in search engines (Page 70)
  • Distinguish yourself from rivals (Page 67)
  • Win appreciation in your market (Page 154)
Unique tools, developed by famous marketing consultant and bestselling author Perry Marshall, show you exactly how much money you can leave on the table and how to put it back in your pocket – and then invest in even more success.

They see untapped markets (page 164), incremental improvements and opportunities for profit, gain time and increase income potential.

Easy to read

"It's easy to read … very accessible, short chapters and actually quite entertaining," says Susan Kruger, Master of Education and founder of SOAR Study Skills. This book is full of stories that demonstrate compelling sales principles.

Designed for fast learning

Specially marked "Pareto Points" help you process the most valuable 80/20 Rule applications in 1-5 minutes. Each chapter concludes with a Pareto summary. The book contains a 1-page "80/20 cheat sheet".

80/20 = natural law

The 80/20 rule is an inviolable natural law that does it the The most important organizational principle of every company. Perry shows how to laser-focus the 80/20 rule on outsourcing, recruitment, advertising, controversy, market research, lead generation, and web traffic. Online, Offline and Social Media (page 82). It also shows you how you can gain important insights from tiny clues not only in your own company but also from competitors.

Includes powerful online marketing tools
Supported by online services including The 80/20 power curve. that helps you find invisible money, and that Marketing DNA TestThis timeless guide is a personal assessment that affects your natural selling points. It is a cornerstone for experienced and inexperienced marketers
and sellers.