Author Inc: The secret book of the entrepreneur for rapid leads and sales by self-publishing a book


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How successful entrepreneurs use a book to increase leads and sales without wasting time or money!

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to use a book as part of your business and would like to know what is for those who came before you, the most important book you have ever read, why …

But first a warning, Successfully using a book in your company is hard work. As you will see, we interviewed over 30 very successful entrepreneurs who made an effort. The ideas in this book will work wonderfully, but only for those who are willing to actually do something. If that's you, read on!

Our main goal with Author Inc The task was to put together a unique group of entrepreneurs and collect their brains to see how they did what they did. But then we went one step further.

We asked them what they would do if they had to start all over again in the next 30 days, if they had to start over. We asked, "If you lost your list, your fame, your books, your products and all your customers, and nobody knew who you are, what would you do, how would you use publishing to return?"

The results were incredible! Author Inc Turned from an "interview anthology" into a world-class handbook for entrepreneurs who want to use a book as a primary tool in a business.

But Author Inc is not only a must, but also teaches:

  • To create a list and start making sales now, even if you have no list and no product
  • 15 counterproductive habits that business owners use to increase the likelihood of success every day (wait until you've read the cigar story)
  • Where to find the best people for your email and reader lists
  • How to eliminate the long, slow process of trial and error building your online empire
  • Why should you never do it alone as a writer?
  • Why less advertising makes your list grow faster
  • Say goodbye to weeks of testing and start one of our 30-day plans for your book and business
  • The truth about your relationship with self-publishing platforms and how you can maximize your profits
  • What to do if you do not have readers, followers or customers and how you can change it quickly?

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Contributors: Foreword by Jack Canfield, Ray Brehm, from Russell Brunson's Inner Circle: Steve Larsen, Jeff Brewer (Launch Hackers Lab), Rob Kosberg (Bestselling Publishing), Emily Hirsh (Hirsh Marketing); from Jeff Walker's Platinum Plus Mastermind: Ricardo Texeira (Karate World Champion), Luis Carlos Flores (Ninos De Ahora TV); Frank Kern Inc: Nathan "Rocky" Anderson (VP of Marketing); from the world of self-publishing: Matt Stone (Buckbooks and 100 Covers), Brian Berni (Bookads), Derek Doepker (Best Seller Journey Simplified), Adam Houge (The Formula for Fans), Qat Wanders (Wandering Words Media), Sonya Wadhera and Priya Wadhera (Book To Boss), Eve Jones (Influencer Outreach), Jeff Hilderman (All Star Academy), Vera Mirna (Easy Button Healing), Elizabeth Hebert (Your Dream Esteem), Anita Plak Semprimožnik (Better Coaching) Online Marketing for Businesses), Laura van den Berg – Sekac (Bestselling Author: Get Unstuck Now), Lori Saitz (Business Development), James Archer (The Sharelingo Project), Ashley Emma (Fearless Publishing), Richard McCartney (Kindle Book Promotions), Agustin Rubini (Promote Your Book and FsPal), Jerónimo Cabrera Rocha (NLP Training – Conexo-), Connor Boyack (Author: Tuttle Twins Series), Sean Sumner (Self-Publishing School), Scott Anthony (No Excuse), Marc Reklau (30 days – change your habits, change your life), Alink a Rutkowska (CEO of Leaders Press), Kenny Yap, Paul Brodie (Brodie Consulting) and Eric Van Der Hope (book publisher and launch strategist).

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