Gingerbread Greetings (Bake Sale Bachelors Book 3)


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Price: £3.11
(as of Dec 11,2019 09:41:28 UTC – Details)

As the popular community center burned down, Omega Casey knew he needed help, and participated in the Bake Sale Auction. The price was a weekend with him in a ski resort. It was way beyond his budget, but he had always been a jerk for a good cause, thinking he could make a decent date out of it, even though most alphas seemed to be doing something. He did not expect the winner to be Brent, his older brother's best friend, and the man he had longed for far too long. On the ski slopes it will be exciting …


Alpha Brent has always had just one price in mind: the growth of its client investment portfolio has exceeded all expectations. Love was just an unpleasant distraction, especially after the heartbreak he had experienced in the past. When he bid on a plate of biscuits and a date, he thought he would just leave some money for a good cause and return to his normal life. What he did not know was that nothing would be that way again, especially as his date was the introverted and adorable little brother of his best friend.

Gingerbread Greetings is the mpreg story of the brother of a best friend, with a dull but sweet alpha, a sensitive omega, and lots of holiday mood. Put on your favorite pair of sweatshirts, make yourself comfortable with a cup of cocoa and immerse yourself in the love story of Casey and Brent.