Sales EQ: How Ultra High Performers Use Sales-Specific Emotional Intelligence to Complete the Complex Deal

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Price: £19.39 - £16.97
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The new psychology of sales.

The sales professional is in the midst of a perfect storm. Buyers have more power – more information, more at stake and more control over the sales process – than ever before in history. The technology is causing disruptive changes at an ever-increasing rate, creating anxiety and insecurity, leading buyers to stick to the status quo. Deteriorated attention spans have made it difficult for buyers to sit still long enough to "challenge," "teach," "help," "give insight," or sell "value." And a relentless onslaught of "me too" competitors has made it harder than ever to distinguish features of products, services or even prices.

Legions of salespeople and their executives are faced with a harsh truth: once giving vendors a competitive edge-controlling the sales process, mastering product knowledge, an arsenal of technology, and great unlucky-is no guarantee of success. Here, however, flows the vast majority of the approximately 20 billion US dollars, which are spent each year for sales training. It's no wonder many companies see that 50% or more of their sellers miss the odds. However, in this new paradigm, it is being crushed by an elite group of top 1 percent sellers. In this age of technology, where information is omnipresent and buyers' attention is fugitive, these superstars have learned to use a new Sales Psychology – Sales EQ – to tie in prospects, create real competitive differentials, and shape and influence buying decisions , These top earners are aware that the shopping experience is far more important to them than products, pricing, features and solutions.

in the Sales EQJeb Blount takes you on an unprecedented journey into the behaviors, techniques, and secrets of the top-selling salespeople in all industries and areas. You will learn:

  • How to answer the five most important questions in sales so that prospects can not say no in practice
  • How to master seven human principles that give you the power to influence someone, to do almost everything
  • How to design and align the three sales processes to eliminate competitors and shorten the sales cycle
  • So, flip the buyer's script to gain complete control over the sales pitch
  • How you disturb expectations to attract and motivate buyers
  • How to effectively use noncompliant behavior to remove resistance, conflict and objection
  • How to use bridge technology to make the smallest commitments and how to take the next steps to prevent your business from stalling
  • How to tame irrational buyers, shake them out of their comfort zone, and shape the decision-making process
  • How to measure and increase your own Sales EQ using 15 sales-specific Emotional Intelligence markers

And so much more!