The Clarity Project: 4 steps to simplify your sales message to attract more customers online


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Price: £13.79 - £12.07
(as of Dec 12,2019 02:59:23 UTC – Details)

A simple, step-by-step, easy-to-understand system for businesses looking to gain new customers faster through the Internet and social media.

The clarity project (with an introduction by Dan Meredith) was developed for companies that are struggling to acquire new customers through their current websites, or who are not sure where to start online marketing. It is intended for business owners who want to gain new customers or customers and learn effective marketing strategies that can change the business and increase profits.

This clear, non-technical, step-by-step process for growing your online business brings you:

  • What is the simple but effective step-by-step strategy to gain clarity about your target market, develop your "killer headline," and develop a marketing strategy that will attract new and profitable customers to your business?
  • Why the majority of companies do not declare their offer in a language that their potential customers understand and therefore cause loss of revenue, and how you can easily fix it
  • This way, you can easily get up to 40 percent of your website visitors to leave your contact information, rather than one percent, as is common with most corporate websites
  • How your business can generate more revenue by focusing on solving your customers' most pressing issues and showing that you understand what they need
  • How to effectively differentiate yourself from your competition by using the power of your story and personality in your marketing
  • How to easily get more referrals and repeat business by building and strengthening real relationships with customers and prospects
  • What are the key business figures and statistics you need to know before even considering investing a single penny in paid advertising for your business?
  • So you can almost always guarantee a positive return on your online marketing spend