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The best seller of the Sunday Times.

Tuesday, September 8th
First day back at school. I will be a 100% school mom this year. I can totally do it. Yes, it will definitely be a lot better this year – I will absolutely not yell at the children, have their faces stuffed with chips or glasses on the iPad. And at the end of the day I will definitely not sink on the sofa, drink wine and mumble “FML” repeatedly.

Unfortunately, I have not yet managed to buy the bento boxes for their lunch or book ji-jitsu classes, and I have to learn to like green tea because it is bad and I do not yet know French braids, but I do I'm confident that these are only details in my grand master plan …

It is Mama's 39th birthday. She stares into the future of people and asks if she wants to come to her advanced yoga classes and in polite book clubs where everyone claims to be fidgety for a glass of Pinot Grigio and things like, "Oh man, did you do that? another glass?

But Mummy doesn't want to go quietly into this good night of women with sensible hairstyles, "living for their kids" and standing in the playground, trying to outdo each other with the off-school activities and successes of their offspring and boasting their latest vacation ,

Instead, she takes a large glass of wine and keeps muttering "FML". Until she remembers the jewel of an idea she had …