Glasses cleaners (60 ml) with two microfiber cloths for cleaning glasses and lens cleaning kit – Very easy to use


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Price: £14.99
(as of Jan 22,2019 04:02:44 UTC – Details)

 Do you have trouble keeping your glasses clean?

If your glasses, sunglasses or electronics have been smeared, it's time to manage the images with the Cleanix Eye Cleaner Spray. Our trace-free formula that quickly removes fingerprints, dust and debris is perfect for everyday use.

You must always keep your glasses clean for clear vision

When you wear it on the outside, it is very easy for the glasses to catch dirt and oils from the outside. In addition, when you wear your glasses casually, they collect fingerprints that can distort vision. The only purpose of cleaning your glasses is to remove any residue or dirt without affecting the lenses. When you buy your glasses, you need to find out how to take care of them. If your glasses are not well maintained, they will not provide you with clear vision, which will increase eyestrain.

Perfect solution for your vision and your multiple uses

– Glasses cleaner;

– notebook cleaner;

– sunglass cleaner;

– tablet cleaner;

– Screen cleaner;

– And much more…

Each eyeglass cleaning kit includes two 60ml eyeglass cleaners and two high quality microfiber cloths. Everything is packaged in two separate snap pockets that you can easily carry wherever you go. Leave one at home and take another at work so that your glasses are always clean.

Our product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Provide you with a quality product and a happy memory!

We care about you, so you can click on Add to cart with confidence.✅ BENEFIT FROM 2-IN-1 – Each set includes two eyeglass cleaners and high-quality microfiber cloths.
MULTIPLE USES – You can easily use our product to clean the screen of your computer, the lens of your camera, your tablet or your phone. It also works perfectly for cleaning sunglasses, reading glasses and ordinary glasses.
SET NICELY PACKED SET – Each set is packaged separately. If you order our product, you get two pressure bags. Each includes a cleaning spray for glasses and a microfiber cloth.
✅ SAFE TO USE ON ALL COATINGS – Our Eyeglass Cleaner can be used safely on all lens coatings.
EASY TO CARRY – The snap pouch makes it easy to transport and protects your microfiber cloth from dust at all times.