✅ Supersoft 100% Natural Cotton Disposable Panties – Pack of 5 – Lightweight and comfortable for pregnancy in the hospital. Pregnancy panties after childbirth. Pants of travel panties

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 ✅ Disposable brief for single use are an excellent choice for women who need comfortable and practical disposable underwear

What's in the package?
✓ Each re-sealable package contains 5 pairs of white briefs
✓ Each pair is hygienically packaged keeping them clean and dry
✓ Only one pair is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and will hold quietly in your pocket

Instructions for maintenance
The One-Wear cotton brief is disposable and can be worn once and thrown
The briefs can be washed (by hand or machine on low heat) and reused several times

Compact design
Looking to save space when traveling?
✓ The special structure of our cotton fabric makes it much lighter than what is commonly used, making it a real space saver.
✓ Throwing away your dirty disposable panties will save you space.

Disposable underwear to wear unique for your wear
Keep a pair in hand and no more:
✓ Underwear emergencies caused by lost or delayed baggage
✓ Hotel bathrooms filled with drying underwear
✓ Holidays, hikes and cyclists trailing around bags filled with thick and dirty linen
✓ Anxious not to lose the head during a short trip
✓ More nights spent wearing sweaty pants after a workout, you forgot to pack a new pair
✓ Sailing trips that have worn the same underwear for a week
✓ Annoying hospital times without a clean pair
✓ Need to worry about children missing underwear when they are away from home
✓ Difficult moments for a spa or a massage
✓ Wash or recycle underwear when the woman is absent
✓ Take your paternity bag with you to keep it next to the maternity bag

Disposable underwear One-Wear is an Amazon exclusivity and is not found in High Street stores such as Boots and Mothercare.✅ TOP QUALITY soft and natural stretch cotton provides a pleasing feel and flexible fit. The lightweight and breathable construction of the briefs offers great comfort all day long. They are ideal for pregnancy, travel and hospital underwear. Here, no floral prints, just a classic unadorned white pattern on which you can count and not paper pants. Individually packaged and so small and compact that each slip can slip discreetly and hygienically into your bag or pocket.
✅ TRAVEL BULLETINS. One-Wear briefs save space on vacation, as they are lightweight and compact and can be thrown away after wearing. Put a pair in your carry-on luggage if you lose luggage. When you are hiking in the mountains or camping, the One-Wear slip means you can wear a little panties clean every day without the need for a washing machine or a flip-flop. One-Wear will not take up much space in your gym bag during short city breaks, so add them to your checklist.
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✅ TROUSERS OF HOSPITAL AND MATERNITY. Place disposable pants in your hospital bag for short or long stays. No need to wash panties, briefs or panties to recover from an operation, operation or procedure. Maternity pants are an essential part of the pregnancy bag. One-Wear is an ideal maternity underpants because it is soft and flexible and will hold a postnatal pad during bleeding after birth. One-Wear does not absorb, but can be worn with an incontinence pad.
✅ SAVE YOUR BASICS with a pack of 5 memories so you're ready for your next big adventure. One-Wear disposable briefs have many uses: postpartum / postpartum maternity briefs, spa treatments, massages, beauty and body care, including waxing and spray tanning in the salon. Spare parts for the gym to menstrual emergency underwear. From sailing and beach holidays to overnight stays, overnight stays and business trips. Disposable clothes for handling dangerous substances to prison clothes.